Why Is Cleansing So Popular?

green-juice-769129_1920It’s a fallacy that cleansing is new. People of previous generations underwent forms of cleansing which were often more difficult to take than modern ones and involved an enema. These were cleanses at high-priced, exclusive spas, for instance. The participant would come away tired but 20 pounds lighter. Would you go through a cleanse to lose weight or is there some other reason you would try it? Why are cleanses popular today?

What is a Cleanse?

This a process by which the participant cuts back on certain foods and takes a supplement or supplements which stimulate the evacuation of food from the GI Tract, even food that has been sitting around with nowhere to go. Some cleansing tablets are nothing more than glorified laxatives, but others encourage the liver to eliminate waste more efficiently. They include tablets, teas, and powders containing certain active ingredients.

Ingredients in a Cleanse

Read labels and you are sure to see some familiar foods there. Tomatoes, pears, blueberries, and cabbage are all associated with cleansing because they contain fiber which helps the body stay regular, but more common would be flax seeds, for instance. Add the expectation that you will be drinking more water and it will soon be clear that a cleanse involves many trips to the bathroom.

In programs such as the Red Smoothie Detox Factor, the author uses many “red” fruits that are high in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and anti-inflammatory substances.

Side Effects

red-smoothie-detox-factor-buy-nowLots of people would rather take a pill than increase their water consumption, but there are side effects. During cleansing time, it is advisable to cut out caffeine. Withdrawal symptoms include a runny nose and sore eyes, agitation and aggression. You could suffer from tummy cramps and lethargy plus an all-round bad mood for several days. After that, your body will start to feel better even while you remain on the cleanse. It will have eliminated a lot of toxins and, if you were careful, plenty of sugar.


A cleansing process can take a week or a month and the job of a cleanse is to facilitate weight loss while also eliminating toxins. Even though you’re not scooping up rat poison with a spoon and sprinkling it in your tea, there are numerous poisons in your home and they get into your body. As poisons build up, they can lead to diseases of the body and mind.

Toxins come from food, from furniture and flooring, from cars, building emissions, and other places. We are all guilty of creating them and end up ingesting them to our detriment all the time. A cleanse is the body’s opportunity to naturally be rid of those toxins which cause headaches, stomach ache, slow growth in children, and some mental and behavioral disorders.

This is seen as nature’s way; the right way to make yourself sick in order to feel better ultimately. In our health-conscious western world, it’s no surprise that a new generation of environmental stewards has risen up. They start with their personal bodies before taking what they learned on the road.

When they cleanse, celebrities advertise their beautiful bodies. Cleansing manufacturers cannot keep up with demand, and this leads to a wealth of possible products finding their own niche. They enable customers to look their best and even emulate young attractive actors and singers who are associated with cleansing.